BPM FAQs: What is wrong with text-based SOPs?

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What is wrong with text-based SOPs?

SOPs are a critical part of compliance, quality and oftentimes, training. Traditional, text-based SOPs can consist of thousands of documents and frequently fail to demonstrate to the user their specific role and the relationship of the task at hand, to the whole. Other documents, forms or members of staff may be connected to one SOP and sometimes these dynamic elements are unclear and hard to locate or even understand. For organisations with numerous SOPs and especially in regulated industries, overlap occurs, meaning there is waste that can be eliminated when the SOP process is approached in a more systematic and holistic way. Converting traditional text based SOPs to process-centric procedures, allows for this. Torque Management's TPSoP® solution enables you to streamline your organisation's procedures and create user-friendly SOPs in an online, connected, easy to understand environment. TPSoP® offers the tools and techniques to develop SOPs that are easy to deploy, change and re-deploy; making the methodology ideal for companies who wish to better comply with quality standards or compliance and for development of repeatable training that can be used even for a geographically dispersed, multi-lingual audience.

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