PharmaLink Conference, March 2015, Ohio

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This year, the PharmaLink conference takes place March 24th - 27th at the Cintas Center on the Xavier University Campus, Cincinnati, Ohio.

David Lowndes, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at Shire Pharmaceuticals says that if you want to “change the way this industry performs and solve some of the huge problems that have been created for patients, for employees of companies that maybe don’t exist anymore, for other stakeholders in our industry”, then this is the conference to be at.

The PharmaLink conference seeks solutions to important and complicated issues by aligning with the strategic priorities of the Food & Drug Administration. It's focus is to help participants create links to drive new thinking.

Solutions might not be evident within pharmaceuticals, to they also explore beyond it; beyond borders, and beyond comfort zones.

“We are a very conservative industry and to be challenged by people other than the agency, by practitioners from other industries, is a very healthy way of hearing the message. Very uncomfortable sometimes! But very good for us. And then to have practitioners from our own industry who come in and say, “Here’s a great example of how we’ve done it,” allows us to go back to our office with something that’s implementable.” - David Lowndes

Key Outcomes

  • Inspiring Collaboration through orchestrated engagement with your peers across the industry, attendees openly sharing expertise to help advance the industry and working side-by-side with regulators to deepen the understanding on both sides of both challenges and opportunities.

  • Leading Innovation through identifying solutions, discussing the “elephant in the room” to get to the real pain that plagues our industry, demonstrations from other industries and hearing from speakers who passionately challenge the status quo.

  • Making a Difference through working through real working models, learning how to be part of the solution, understanding who your stakeholders are and leaving the conference armed with action plans.

Some of the top speakers include Richard Andrews; Unit Manager Inspectorate Operations at MHRA, Thomas Arista; Investigator/National Expert Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology with the FDA and Gretel Benavides; Vice President Corporate Quality Systems & Compliance at Perrigo.

Included in the agenda is a deep dive lunch and a presentation into metrics that matter for the pharmaceutical industry. Sponsored by PWC and Xavier and co-led by Laura Cannon, Sr Director Quality, Teva and our own Founder and Director, Dee Carri, an industry working group has been developiing these metrics since 2014.

Find out more, register now, or watch the video below for more information.


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