About MATS®

MATS® is a low-code BPM software that’s quick to learn, easy to use and requires less IT than legacy systems. By using MATS, you can develop and deploy an app that previously may have taken months, in a matter of days. 

Through use of a drag-and-drop interface to configure, rather than code, MATS enables you to build a new app faster. It's been defined by Gartner as ‘High-productivity PaaS', and by Forrester as a ‘Low-Code Development Platform’. And the technical details behind the magic? It's a PaaS iBPM platform built on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), 

“Software vendors like salesforce.com and MatsSoft allow less technical developers to quickly prototype, experiment with, and deploy customer-facing process applications...” - Analyst Comment

MATS® offers:

  • Ability to ‘Test & Learn’
  • Rapid assembly and configuration (‘Low-Code’, not programming)
  • Cloud / SaaS / PaaS
  • Workflow / Case Management
  • Rules Engine and Automation
  • Communications (mobile/social ready)
  • Responsive design plus Web and Native Apps
  • Service Level Monitoring
  • Improve collaboration and Innovation
  • Real-time, actionable MI and Reporting
  • Easy and practical integration with legacy
  • M2M application layer capabilities

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