BPMS - Business Process Management System 

What is a BPMS?

BPMS stands for Business Process Management System (or Suite) and refers to a software application that supports the business process management of your entire organisation. It allows a businesses to capture, manage and deploy operational processes and supporting information to the entire workforce and can be tailored to suit specific needs. For those working with the TPSoP® solution, a BPMS is an integral part of facilitating and maintaining the benefits it offers.

Choosing the right BPMS

Choosing the right BPMS is vital and will depend on the specific needs and priorities of your company. Torque Management offers consultancy services to help you understand the benefits and applications for a BPMS within your company.

Our BPMS Partner: Elements.Cloud

We know that mapping, managing, and improving processes is tough, so we have chosen our BPMS partner carefully.   We have partnered with Elements.cloud it provides key functionality that we need to manage and improve processes.  But our overarching reason for choosing Elements is the because it supports UPN notation (Universal Process Notation) which is designed for ease of use and intuitive process reading and understanding by everyone, including non-techies. 

For Business Users and Mappers, Elements provides: 

  1. A central repository for the storage and management of business processes
  2. Automated version control of processes  
  3. A process modelling/mapping tool that enables
    • Discovery and documenting process flow
    • Discovery and documenting customer, and process requirements
    • Discovery and documenting input, output, and process measures
    • Discovery and documenting interdependencies, and connections between processes, and process steps
  4. Functionality that enables process governance    
  5. Functionality that facilitates analysis of business processes to identify improvement opportunities
  6. Functionality to inform the monitoring and controlling of process performance
  7. Functionality to enable continuous process improvement
  8. Functionality to retire processes

And, Elements.cloud is much more than a BPMs - it is an intelligent change platform, enabling you to manage, configure and optimise your Salesforce organisation.   

Want to know more about choosing or implementing a BPMS? 

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