TPSoP® - The right person, doing the right thing right, every time.

TPSoP® - Integrated Compliance, Quality and Performance

TPSoP® lets us use our skills and expertise, combined with your needs and resources, to develop a coherent process that makes compliance and training better understood, better implemented and with better results.

We understand the criticality of compliance and the consequences of non-compliance. Understanding and working in-line with compliance, quality standards and SOPs should be simple, relatable and result in increased compliance and increased quality, together with creating training that is easy to deploy, repeat and change. Yet companies struggle through thousands of documents that fail to help the user see the bigger picture, understand their specific role within it and help them perform it correctly.

What is TPSoP®?

  • An innovative solution for the development of process-centric procedures
  • Creates a comprehensive, visual and user-friendly environment
  • Rigorous, collaborative process for on-line procedures and SOPs
  • Is proven, efficient and effective
  • Is underpinned by our expertise in widely accepted best practices such as Six Sigma, Lean and BPM
  • Capable of compliance with regulation and security requirements in regulated industries

Who is TPSoP® Designed For?

TPSoP® can be deployed as part of a wider quality or compliance programme or as a means to deliver instructions in a consistent, repeatable manner. It caters for acknowledgement of receipt of instruction as required by life sciences organisations, on construction sites, in hospital environments, etc. TPSoP® is particularly effective where the audience is geographically dispersed and/or multi-lingual delivery is necessary.

What Can You Expect?

In implementing TPSoP®, we work with you through four phases, each designed specifically to suit your needs:

  1. Discover
  2. Build and test
  3. Implement (and control)
  4. Report (and improve)

Learn more about each of these phases >

Why Torque Management?

Firstly, you won't find TPSoP® anywhere else. Secondly, we offer it together with our commitment to improving the status quo through a combination of quality, business process management, engineering, project management and IT skills. You'll also benefit from our extensive experience in the development of both 'traditional' paper-based SOPs and in the development and conversion of online SOPs. Read our case studies >