Choosing A BPM Course

Business Process Management Courses

Our in house BPM courses are offered in Ireland and abroad. Contact us for enquiries or further information.

1. Starting the Business Process Journey

Typically, clients who are starting the Business Process journey will begin by addressing three separate strands of courses, listed below. Certain elements of these courses are the same, ensuring that the message, vocabulary and approach is consistent, removing ambiguity and improving process project success.

Executive Strand: EX02 & ​EX01
  • Management awareness raised
  • Drivers for a process-centric organisation identified
  • Current process maturity understood
  • Business case for a BPM strategy explored
Business Process Practitioner Strand: TM01, TM02 & TM03
  • Those charged with leading and managing process improvement projects are provided with the knowledge and tools necessary to run and manage business process improvement projects.
General Awareness Strand: TM07
  • A simulation, is a serious but fun way to build general awareness of the need for business process improvement and is suitable for all levels of employee.
Training Outcome
  • The organisation will understand the strategic drivers for BPM, they will have BPM vision, an awareness of the benefits of BPM and a cohort of BPM practitioners who are capable of conducting business process improvement initiatives.

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2. Clients wishing to build further BPM capability

Measuring and Managing Business Processes: TM04
  • Designed for organisations with some successful BPM projects in place and wishing to build their BPM capability further.
  • In many instances, clients at this stage of the journey will also require some deeper training that can be provided as bespoke coaching or training.
Training Outcome
  • The organisation will improve business process capacity such that it is capable of undertaking more advanced and complex BPM initiatives and re-engineering programmes.

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3. Clients wishing to make BPM Strategic to the organisation

Elevating BPM to a strategic, enterprise level: TM05 and TM06
  • For organisations wishing to elevate their BPM to a strategic, enterprise level, whereby the organisation's process architecture can be developed and integrated with the business strategy and pre-existing management, quality and compliance frameworks.
Training Outcome
  • The organisation will have the capability to develop and manage a process-centric enterprise with a single, integrated management system. Strategy will be directly linked to process goals, process measures will be linked to the reward system. Governance of business processes will be established and process portfolio approach will manage further process improvement initiatives.

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4. Torque Management Consultancy Complimenting Training

  • Our consultancy services are available to supplement or develop specialised, bespoke training programmes and to provide additional support and guidance to your staff as they develop their business process management capability.

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