Free Organisation-Wide BPM Maturity Assessment for the first 20 Applicants

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From inside an organisation, it can be hard to be sure you are aligned to the rest of the business. You’ve taken our BPM Maturity quiz and the results resonate with YOUR view which should give you a measure of confidence that you are doing the right things with BPM.​


But what about your stakeholders? Are their views aligned with yours?

It would be valuable to reach out to the key stakeholders and ask each of them to complete the quiz. It could also trigger new ideas or provide independent reinforcement of some of the behaviours and practices you are trying to promote. An analysis and comparison of the answers would be valuable input to your overall BPM strategy.

If you want this, we can help - It’s just a four step process!

  1. Contact us to request a unique promotion code
  2. Issue the quiz link to your stakeholders
  3. Stakeholders complete the quiz, using the unique promotion code
  4. We will analyse the results on a date that we agree and send you the results.

This offer is free to the first 20 applicants and applications are limited to one per organisation. 

If you haven't already taken the quiz, you can do so here >

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