Our Top 9 BPM Blogs to Follow

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Our 9 Favourite BPM Websites and Blogs for 2015

Got a tenth BPM Blog you'd like us to add to the list? Let us know @TorqueBPM

While we love reading our own BPM Blog, we're big fans of some others too. Looking through some online lists of the best ones to follow, we realised many are posting less regularly, (if at all) in the last few years and while they're worth looking back at, it seems to be the nature of blogs that when other things come up in life, they can be left to one side. Other bloggers and writers have also left the medium behind in favour of micro-blogging sites like Twitter and sharing insights and news there in a shorter snappier way.

The list we've put together covers both individual writers/consultants along with bigger, more 'magazine stye' blog sites that bring in numerous contributors. Altogether, the list should keep you very well informed this year and on into 2016. 

1. IRM Conncets

IRM UK are specialists in strategic IT thinking and contributors to their articles include people with great technical knowledge and a wide range of practical experience. Topics cover everything from Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy and IT Management to Business Analysis and Data Management. Website | Twitter

2. ‘Thinking Matters’, Keith Swenson

Keith says he's been on “a 30+ year journey to try and find the keys to technology that will help people collaborate more effectively.”  He is the vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu North America and also the Chairman of the Workflow Management Coalition. As a speaker, author, and contributor to many workflow and BPM standards, he is known for having been a pioneer in collaboration software and web services. He has led agile software development teams at MS2, Netscape, Ashton Tate & Fujitsu. The articles on Keith's blog are nicely specific, in depth, based on lots of personal experience and knowledge and cover topics like Adaptive Case Management, BPM and Knowledge Work. Website | Twitter

3. The Gartner Blog

Gartner, Inc. is one of the world's leading information technology research companies and deliver technology-related insights in order to assist those in the industry to make the best and most educated decisions. The Gartner blog brings together a wide range of experts covering topics like Big Data, Information Security and and IT Optimisation. Website | Twitter

4. PEX Network

The Process Excellence Network aims to be a global community for process professionals, business leaders and executives who want to improve their businesses through process and operational excellence. The articles are well researched enough for an industry pro and also incorproate light enough articles for those starting out in the field or those who need to know a little more about Process Excellence to help them choose the right options for their own business. Website | Twitter

5. BPM Leader

BPM Leader is a nice fresh site that focuses on business process management and related topics. They look at workflow, integrating BPM and ERP, KPIs for BPM, using Six Sigma to increase employee satisfaction and more. Articles pop up about once a month but well worth a read when they do. Website

6. Jim Sinur

Jim Sinur is a digital transformation consultant, process expert – and artist! His posts cover a great variety of topical areas where digital and process meet, how this affects a business and how we can all make the best use of it. Recent popular posts include 'Algorithmic Economy is a Great Start', 'Internet Of Things and Process Yields Big Dividends Together', and 'Components of a Fast Data Architecture'. WebsiteTwitter

7. Sandy Kemsley, Column 2

Sandy is an industry analyst for BPM/ECM/Social Enterprise and works at implementing BPM systems, and blogging about what's new in the BPM space. The blog covers numerous BPM events as well as news and insights. The information definitely leans more toward expert and may be a little cryptic in parts for those new to the area but is a consistently great resource for professionals wanting to stay up to date. Website | Twitter

8. Clay Richardson Forrester Blog

Clay Richardson writes about Enterprise Architecture for the Forrester Blog and is a leading expert on business process management (BPM) software, services, and methodologies. Clay delivers strategic guidance to professionals seeking to re-design and improve business processes. Great recent pieces have included, 'Avoid A "One Size Fits All" Approach To Process Innovation' and 'Define Your Strategic Plan For Process Change'. Website | Twitter

9. BP Trends

BP Trends is a long established BPM site for process news and thoughts. With a recent site redesign, they've upped their game too. They have a number of regular writers and contributors including from Executive Editor and Founder of Business Process Trends, Paul Harmon. Website

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