Pharmacists: Fit for the Future Programme from iaCME

By Torque Management, Thursday, 24th July 2014 | 0 comments
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Pharmacists: Fit for the Future

iaCME is an independent, professional learning company providing CPD (Continuing Professional  Development) resources for healthcare professionals including doctors, pharmacists and nurses. They are now offering an online course specifically catering for the needs of pharmacists today entitled, 'Pharmacy: Fit For Future.'

iaCME’s mission is to enhance professional competence and patient care by providing world class online resources to help individuals and groups to apply the highest international standards of best practice.

The Pharmacists: Fit For Future programme course covers five key areas; Leadership & Management, Retail Management, Quality & risk Management, Human Resources Management for Pharmacists and Strategic Marketing.

Dee Carri, founder and director of Torque Management is delighted to be involved in furthering the understanding and application of processes and business process management tailored to the requirements of pharmacists as part of the course. 

Watch the video below or visit for further details or to apply for the course.


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