Podcast: Dee Carri on Quality, Compliance & Process Integration

By Torque Management, Wednesday, 29th January 2014 | 0 comments
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Nimbus Podcast: Dee Carri in Conversation with Mike Gammage on Quality, Compliance and Process Integration

Listen to the ten minute podcast >

“Most organisations approach their compliance and quality initiatives in separate business silos, it's very expensive and they're not joined up which causes overlaps and underlaps. Overlaps cause additional cost and the underlaps introduce new exposures and risks to the business.”

As well as the general requirements of a quality management system, regulated industries, such as Life Sciences and Finance, are subject to their own industry-specific regulations which may vary depending on the country of origin in which a product is manufactured or the destination country in which a product is marketed and sold. Often, organisations in regulated industries also have disparate regulatory processes for fiscal, environmental, health & safety and manufacturing functions. 
On this Nimbus podcast, Dee Carri, founder of Torque Management, talks to Mike Gammage, about the cost, time and risk-decreasing benefits that can be derived from introducing an integrated approach to quality, compliance and process. Dee outlines how this can reduce underlaps and overlaps, decrease exposure, risk and costs and create confident management.


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