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Re-design a HR On-Boarding Process

Your mission for the Process Re-design Challenge 2015 is to provide a fictional HR department with a documented solution for the on-boarding process described in our previous post. The Head of HR is a busy animal, so keep it concise and produce something they'll have time to read, and presented in such a way that they are anxious to approve it for development and implementation. You are welcome to enter either as an individual, or as a team.



In twelve week's time, we'll feature the winning process and its designer here, with our reasons for its selection as a winner. as well as publishing our own re-design for comparison (I’d need to spend a lot of time developing the extra bits we’re asking of them & I don’t have the time).

This is a great project for those studying or currently looking for work in BPM areas and we look forward to featuring a bit about you here as well as pushing it out across our social channels.


Read the scenario outlined in our previous post about the problematic on-boarding process here >


In analysing and measuring the 'As-Is' process, five critical factors emerged:

  1. There is unanimous agreement that the on-boarding process makes a bad first impression on new employees. Allegedly, on one occasion a new employee turned up for his first day at work and no-one was expecting him. Whilst the re-engineering team couldn’t prove this really happened, the process was so chaotic that it was easy to see how it might have.
  2. The company is currently in a growth phase, and if the on-boarding process is not working well, it could impede the achievement overall company targets.
  3. No-one believes they own the process, so there is a governance gap (HR thinks Line Managers drive it but Line Managers think HR drives it).
  4. The current process is not documented or fully understood which a cause of a lot of confusion is.
  5. This is a messy, complex process that weaves its way back and forth between many departments before completing (HR, New Employee, Line Management, H&S, IT, Training, Procurement, and Facilities). Requests for resources and assistance that are made to the various departments are not made in a standard way, sometimes they are even verbal which causes misunderstandings, and requests are often lost or forgotten. No one tracks these requests.

On-Boarding Process 'To-Be' Vision:

HR and Management have agreed a simple vision for the new on boarding process:

“The on-boarding process makes a great impression on new employees and it enables them to become productive in their new role in the shortest possible timeframe.”

Things you might consider for your submission:

  • An explanation of your approach and methodology to the re-design
  • An explanation of design and innovation options you considered as part of the re-design
  • A high level process diagram
  • An explanation of how the re-designed process solves the five critical factors and aligns with the to-be vision
  • An explanation of the new governance of the on-boarding process and why it is an improvement
  • Goals, measures and targets for the re-designed process
  • An explanation of how accountability is established through the re-designed process
  • A list of any assumptions you made
  • A high level plan for implementation
  • The Head of HR is a busy animal, would s/he have the time to read more than six pages?

Want to participate but still need some help with process language and terms? Check out our BPM FAQs here and submit your own >

If you have any questions, please contact us

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