The World Cafe Method for Clinically Relevant Metrics

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Deep Dive Lunch Session at PharmaLink 2015

At this year's PharmaLink Conference 2015, The Metrics Working Group, moderated by Grace Breen, SVP Quality, Core Pharma, will host an interactive “World Cafe” style lunch time session focussing on how to define, assess, rank and use production metrics and gain a greater understanding of how to measure the strength of the culture of quality. So, we thought we'd look at what a 'World Cafe' approach is for those of you who may not already know.

The World Café methodology draws on seven integrated design principles

  1. Setting context by paying attention to the reason you are bringing people together and what you wish to achieve.
  2. Creating a hospitable space so people can do their most creative thinking.
  3. Exploring questions that matter to help the most relevant knowledge emerge and brings focus.
  4. Encouraging everyone's contribution.
  5. Connecting diverse perspectives through moving tables and talking to different people so there is a real exchange of ideas and information that enriches the topic.
  6. Listening for patterns and insights in order to get a sense of connecting to the larger whole and includes listening out for what's not being said!
  7. Sharing collective discoveries or a 'harvest' of information collected and then reflected upon by the whole group.

At this particular event, each table will be hosted by a member of the Metrics Working Team, where the host will ask each group of participants to consider a specific topic or aspect of its work on Metrics. 

How Does it Work?

The environment set up generally consists of a number of round tables with paper, pens etc. People are welcomed and the host will explain the idea and introduce the context. A designated amount of time will then be allocated for each table to discuss a question and then switch tables for the next question. There is usually three or more questions. After this, comes the 'harvest' where individuals are invited to share insights gained. 

What are the benefits of a World Cafe style approach?

“The natural cross-pollination of relationships, ideas, and meaning as people move from one conversation to others enables us to learn, explore possibilities, and co-create together. From this perspective, conversations are action—the very heartbeat and lifeblood of social systems like organizations, communities, and cultures.” -

What's most interesting is that while this style of communication frequently takes place between individuals in non-formal settings, although still potentially related to a business or organisation, a world cafe style approach to a specific topic in a conference setting offers the opportunity to everyone. In our workplaces, we likely meet and talk to the same people regularly and although our organisations are made up of many more people, we're not necessarily talking to them. However, we are still very connected through the systems, goals and processes we're all a part of - whether we're aware of them or not. This event brings together people from various levels and areas of an organisation. What will prove even more interesting in this case is that there aren't just participants from different areas of a company, but from different companies and organisations too. 

The Importance of looking at Clinically Relevant Metrics in this setting

This lunch event provides a real opportunity for participants to learn from the work that the Metrics team has been grappling with for months. For our part, it allows us to float some new ideas, seek feedback and share our findings to date. It's also a fun way to engage so if you are attending the conference, it would be a shame to miss it.   


Later on in the day and on behalf of the Xavier Metrics Working Group, Laura Cannon (Teva) and Dee Carri (Torque Management) will also be presenting on How to Measure Quality Performance alongside Michael Davidson (ISPE), Steven Mendivil (PDA), Laura Cannon (Teva) and moderated by Marla Phillips (Xavier Health).

If you'd like to find out more about the results of this session, contact us to register your interest or to let us know you'll be attending the event.

View the full programme and registration details here


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