Torque Management Press Release: Launch of TPSoP®

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Irish Company Launches New Product to Transform Compliance, Standard Operating Procedures & Training


Dublin, 13th January 2014 – Irish-based, Business Process Management consultancy, Torque Management, have been successfully implementing positive, process-based changes for organisations since 2002. Their experience and expertise in IT, Quality Management Systems, Compliance and Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) Development & Improvement has now led them to create a licensed methodology that will transform the way organisations look at procedures, processes, compliance and training worldwide.


TPSoP® is an innovative solution for the development of process-centric procedures and management frameworks, capable of compliance with regulation and security requirements in regulated industries. It offers the added benefit of creating training that caters for receipt of acknowledgement and is easy to deploy, change and redeploy, even for a globally dispersed, multi-lingual audience.


“Regular exposure to regulatory environments made me question the validity of text-based procedures. Initial research indicated that most text-based procedures are flawed; it’s not possible to see how they link to each other, responsibilities are poorly described, references don’t work, process steps are insufficiently clear and attached flow diagrams are incorrect, training takes too long, change is difficult and lengthy – all increasing the opportunity for human error and non-compliance – the very events they are supposed to prevent. TPSoP® fuses Lean and Six Sigma principles with process-based thinking to create an architecture of visual, easy-to-follow processes/procedures.”

Dee Carri, Founder and Director, Torque Management.


As some organisations are required to work with multiple quality management systems and manage regulations across different territories, TPSoP® is revolutionary in that it enables organisations to eliminate duplication and overlap, as well as increasing adherence to compliance and quality. In a pilot project, benefits were identified in a range of up 87%.


“TPSoP® lets us use our skills and expertise, combined with your needs and resources, to develop a coherent process that makes compliance and training better understood, better implemented and with better results.”

Dee Carri, Founder and Director, Torque Management


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About Torque Management:

Established in 2002, Torque Management provides a specialist global consultancy in Business Process Management (BPM) and optimisation and IT in all business sectors. We are experts in multiple disciplines including Lean, Six Sigma and ISO. Torque Management’s mission is to improve and implement BPM best practice, innovation and performance through education, support, research and benchmarking. We work with blue-chip, global, public and private organisations and industries in all sectors including life sciences and finance where we have specialist expertise.


About Dee Carri:  

Dee Carri is the founder and director of Torque Management, a Business and IT strategist, teacher, lecturer, coach, mentor, trainer and Business Process Management (BPM) expert. Dee established Torque Management in 2002 to provide a specialist global consultancy and training service in BPM and IT in all business sectors. Regarded as a leader in her field, Dee's knowledge and experience is considerable.


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