Upcoming Business Process Conferences & Events 2016

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Gartner Business Transformation & Process Management Summit

Date: 16-17 March 2016 | Location: London

Description: Their 2016 agenda features 4 comprehensive tracks to move beyond one-off, narrow projects focused on incremental efficiencies and towards game-changing business transformation. From tackling the continual and disruptive changes that are characteristic of business transformation initiatives, to building buy-in and gaining adoption for BPM and the resulting organizational changes, build the skills necessary to establish yourself as a change agent and leader for business transformation. 

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PharmaLink 2016

Date: 15-18 March | Location: Cincinnati

Description: The PharmaLink conference seeks solutions to important and complicated issues by aligning with the strategic priorities of the Food & Drug Administration. We help participants create links to drive new thinking. The solutions might not be evident within our industry, so we explore beyond industry, beyond borders, and beyond comfort zones. Don’t miss this opportunity to join your colleagues and global regulators from around the world so you can make a meaningful difference for your organization and our industry. PharmaLink actively fosters engagement among all participants and regulators, so true opportunity for change can be identified. Read more from Dee Carri on her experience of PharmLink 2015. 

More information | Read Dee Carri's write up on last year's event

2016 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference

Date: 23-24 March 2016 | Location: Orlando

Description: Internationally recognized speakers will address the crowd at this leading event for process improvement professionals.  With multiple keynotes, 50+ breakout sessions, expanded sessions and pre- and post-conference activities, this year's event aims to be the largest, and most comprehensive Lean & Six Sigma event of 2016. These are some of the topics that will be covered in the technical program:

    •    Strategic design for organizational excellence
    •    Organizational assessments for high priority results
    •    Lean and Six Sigma tools for sustainability
    •    Methods of measurement and control using Lean and Six Sigma
    •    Integrating Lean and Six Sigma into daily process activity
    •    Examples of qualitative and quantitative tools for problem determination and resolution
    •    Sharing Lean and Six Sigma approaches across the global value chain
    •    Analytical approaches for gathering effective data for planning and improvement

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IRM UK's Business Process Management Conference

Date: 13-16 June 2016 | Location: London

Description: A unique opportunity to discover the latest approaches and innovative ideas to both BPM and EA and benefit from the synergies between them. Choose to attend 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of the event. It is designed by practitioners for practitioners, and being neither analyst nor vendor-led, the conference provides diverse and wide-ranging perspectives on BPM and EA, informed by practical experience. It presents an excellent mix of vision, theory and implementation; discover new approaches and innovative ideas, while at the same time learning from organisations who have benefited from implementing world-class EA and BPM approaches and solutions. The conference has brought practitioners, experts and thought-leaders together from around the world for many years, uncovering strategies for success in delivering world-class products, services, processes and systems.  

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BPM 2016

Date: 18-22 September 2016 | Location: Rio De Janeiro

Description: BPM 2016 will feature a rich program including a dedicated research track, an industry track, a demonstration track, tutorials and panels, and a varied set of workshops and co-located events. 

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BrainStorm Training Events with The BPM Institute

Date: Various | Locations: Miami, Chicago, DC, San Francisco & New York

Description: BPMInstitute.org's BrainStorm Events give practitioners like you the knowledge-base and real-world skills to implement continuous process improvement with business process management. Other conferences treat education and training as a sidebar so BPMInstitute.org now holds educational events to give you the skills you need to improve your organization’s operational efficiency and advance your career, regardless of your current position – from business analyst to CEO. 

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Process Excellence Week 2017

Date: 23-25 January 2017 | Location: Orlando

Description: Key themes will include:

    •    Leadership: Enabling change and overcoming resistance: Leadership skills you need to master today
    •    Business transformation: Enterprise business transformation: Linking your processes to company strategy and value
    •    Data analytics: Building more effective processes: Data analytics and business intelligence
    •    Process governance: Building an integrated process governance framework that makes sense for your organization
    •    Customer centric: Improving customer loyalty through operational excellence
    •    Business architecture: Harnessing the power of business architecture to deliver significant economic value
    •    BPM: Delivering a 21st Century Digital Business Experience with BPM
    •    Collaboration: Understanding the best approach for BAs, PMs, BRMs, and EAs to Work Together
    •    Agile: Delivering a 21st century business experience with operational agility
    •    Improving process efficiencies: Savvy tips and tricks to get results quickly and sustainably (without large-scale lean six sigma investment). 

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