Video: The TPSoP® Story

The TPSoP® Story

Following on from a successful Torque Management webinar entitled 'Making SOPs the Solution Not the Problem' presented this week, Torque Management are now excited to launch their TPSoP® animation - The TPSoP® Story.

The TPSoP® Story tells the tale of three characters in a large organisation who many of us will relate to. It dips into just some of the problems text-based procedures can cause for each of these individuals in the workplace and then presents in a very simplified way, how TPSoP® can solve these problems; making an organisation a nicer place to work and giving it a great competitive advantage.

After creating a 7 part blog series on 'How Much Do You Love Your SOPs?', publishing an in-depth White Paper on the problems with text-based procedures and then presenting a webinar detailing the TPSoP® approach, it seemed appropriate to now offer something a little lighter to explain the solution too.

The TPSoP® solution is a rigorous, process-centric methodology created by Dee Carri and the fact that it can be explained so simply and succinctly is a testament to the great design of the framework of TPSoP®, it takes a lot of work to create something this simple and elegant.

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