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Business Process Management (BPM) and process thinking has the power to transformation whole organisations, and their entire culture, in every sector and industry. Process thinking represents a convergence of several disciplines that, enabled by technology, provide organisations with the ability to develop, document, improve, automate and monitor business processes.


It's an exciting field to be a part of and our involvement in the industry keeps us on our toes, consistently learning more, gaining fresh, new insights and most importantly, maintaining high levels of interest and enthusiasm. So, here in our News & Insights section, we'd like to pass that enthusiasm on to you, by keeping you up to date and well-informed through news, developments, case studies and personal perspectives in all areas of BPM and process thinking.


Here at Torque Management, we've been providing a specialist global consultancy in BPM and optimisation in IT since 2002. We are recognised experts in multiple disciplines including Lean, Six Sigma and ISO and we are the creators of two successful, process-led methodologies; Rapid System™ and TPSoP®.


Our mission is to improve and implement BPM best practice, innovation and performance through education, support, research and benchmarking and we've carried this out through our work with with blue-chip, global, public and private organisations and industries in all sectors including life sciences and finance.


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