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The are many drivers for organisations to make use of Business Process Management today, but what still attracts most companies is the opportunity for cost saving through operational efficiency. Alongside this, we see companies take advantage of BPM for improved customer experience, harmonised business processes, reduced risk, improved adherence to procedures, business growth, faster change/transformation cycles and digitisation initiatives. With such wide scope for benefits, choosing a BPMS that can work to your requirements is an important step.

What is a BPMS?

BPMS stands for Business Process Management System (or Suite) and refers to a software application that supports the business process management of your entire organisation. It allows a businesses to capture, manage and deploy operational processes and supporting information to the entire workforce and can be tailored to suit specific needs. It ensures your organisation always has a single version of the truth, keeps your processes and SOPs current, accommodates many different business needs and breaks down organisational silos.

Why Tibco Nimbus?

Torque Management is are a Tibco partner. We have been using Nimbus since 2006 and have seen it evolve and fit with with ever-changing business needs across industries. We’re not only confident it’s a best-in-class option, it’s also our platform of choice for Rapid System™ and TPSoP®, two unique BPM solutions created by Torque Management.

How we increase the value of Nimbus for your organisation?

Whether you’re just beginning to consider using business process management practices, or you already have Nimbus in use in your organisation, we provide clients with everything they need to implement and continuously improve performance through the use of this tool. You’ll benefit from:

  • iBPE Strategy
  • Capability Analysis 
  • Tibco Nimbus licences and hosting solution 
  • Accelerators 
  • Process improvement Methodologies 
  • Professional Services 
  • BPM and Nimbus Training

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