Dee Carri

About Dee Carri

Dee Carri is the founder and director of Torque Management, a Business and IT strategist, teacher, lecturer, coach, mentor, trainer and Business Process Management (BPM) expert. Dee established Torque Management in 2002 to provide a specialist global consultancy and training service in BPM and IT in all business sectors. Regarded as a leader in her field, Dee's knowledge and experience is considerable.

The improvement of best practice and performance through education, support, research and benchmarking is our priority. We help organisations to become more efficient and effective and achieve best practice and performance. With us, they learn to do what they do in a new and better way. As a result, they become more successful and profitable. We help you change for the better.”

- Dee Carri


Background & Experience

For almost six years, Dee was a key player in the success of the Elan Corporation plc, a world leader in pharmaceuticals, ‘life sciences’ and new drug development. As vice president, she was responsible for global IT policy, strategy and standards. Before that, Dee was a director of public company Gartner Consulting UK, where she provided IT strategic consulting services to global businesses, focusing on governance, best practice, performance improvement, measurement and cost reduction programmes.

Dee was European agent and trainer for BP Trends Associates for four years providing both public and in-house courses in business process management. Public courses were delivered in association with University College Dublin (UCD) Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School: Executive Education, which attracts students from all over the world, and SIS (Portugal).

As e-business director with PA Consulting Group (1999 – 2000), Dee brought a new strategic direction to the business in the emergent “e-business” market.

Dee’s formative business experience was with IBM Ireland where she worked for 10 years as a systems engineer and project manager.


Roles, Organisations & Qualifications

Dee is a member of Irish Business Analysts Association (IBAA) and a former chairman of the Irish Business Employers Confederation’s Telecommunications User Group (TUG).

She was also chair of the Information Society Commission’s Legal Affairs Working Group, where she chaired the Commission’s Cyber Security and Privacy working group.

Dee is a member of the Talent Bank Directory’s ‘SET’ – a group of women scientists, engineers and technologists who serve on advisory, selection and management boards.

She has an MSc in Strategic Quality Management (Lean Sigma) Systems from University of Limerick, Ireland - a world ranked, education innovator which brings academia and business together.


The Creation of Rapid System™ and TPSoP®

Torque Management are the creators of two successful, process-led methodologies; Rapid System™ and TPSoP®. Below, Dee explains the reasons behind the creation of each of these products and the ways in which they transform IT and ERP project delivery, and compliance.

TPSoP®: “Regular exposure to regulatory environments made me question the validity of text-based procedures. Initial research indicated that most text-based procedures are flawed; it’s not possible to see how they link to each other, responsibilities are poorly described, references don’t work, process steps are insufficiently clear and attached flow diagrams are incorrect, training takes too long, change is difficult and lengthy – all increasing the opportunity for human error and non-compliance – the very events they are supposed to prevent!

Further research identified that most text-based procedures operate at a two-Sigma level (302,000 defects per million opportunities). This research was the basis for the development of TPSoP® which fuses Lean and Six Sigma principles with process-based thinking to create an architecture of visual, easy-to-follow processes/procedures.”
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Rapid System™: “I can claim to know a bit about ERP and large IT projects. Working in various roles over many years as: Executive Sponsor, CIO, IT Director, Systems Integrator, Systems Engineer, Project Manager, External expert reviewer, I have been involved in many ERP implementations and countless other large IT projects. Despite best intentions, business commitment and professional project management, these projects can be extremely challenging, often suffering over-runs, re-inventions and sometimes even cancellation. Speaking to other senior IT and business executives, technology companies and systems integrators about these challenges led me to understand that the most commonly promoted implementation methodologies are designed by technology companies and System Providers/System Integrators. These methodologies are designed to protect the System Providers and to maximise their revenue streams. The downside of these methodolologies is born by the customer in the form of loss of control, lots of waste and higher implementation costs.

The Torque Management team began to examine other methods that might meet the more important goals of correctly defining requirements; reducing time to value, improving system adoption rates and minimising cost. Applying our process and ERP expertise together with process tools, we recently demonstrated that it is possible to shrink an ERP implementation “time-to-value” from 3-4 years to 18 months. This has become the genesis for Rapid System™, a product that is currently in development.”
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