Process Digitisation

Process Digitisation

What is process digitisation? Process digitisation refers to cloud based, low-code or no-code applications that leverage the power of social media, mobile technology, analytics and the cloud to deliver highly adaptable application solutions, fast. In a world where change happens quickly, your processes need to keep pace, and process digitisation enables that to happen. 

Process Digitisation allows you to:

  • Create your own apps, without code
  • Create and adapt process workflow 
  • Reduce/eliminate paper and text-based business documents and forms
  • Extend the functionality of pre-existing legacy systems  
  • Bridge the gaps and handovers between enterprise systems
  • Do significantly more with less resources in IT 
  • Reduce the “IT Bottleneck” 
  • Support continual improvement by embedding new and improved processes in applications

Who it is for?

  • Business people who need to respond to new or poorly met customer demands, gain improved customer insights or achieve higher levels of efficiency
  • IT professionals seeking to deliver better business solutions, faster 
  • Process professionals seeking to embed and improve standardised processes 

The Benefits

  • Improved customer experience  
  • Improved turnaround times 
  • Significant cost benefits – up to 90% according to some analysts
  • Better decision making based on earlier, improved analytics
  • Increased efficiency

Further Benefits to TPSoP® Users

If you are already a TPSoP® User, you're ready to go straight to digitisation.  You have already discovered and designed your processes and can easily leverage this investment by digitising manual forms and processes to create a truly paperless operating environment. It also allows you to improve your compliance posture through improved controls and reports.

How Torque Management support your process digitisation initiative 

Torque Management supports its customers through the digitisation journey, from concept through to optimisation. As a MATS® partner, we provide local knowledge, industry and domain expertise, licences and support to help you achieve your objectives quickly. For customers needing to supplement or build internal digitisation capability and capacity, we provide the resources in Business Process Management, our Rapid System™ methodology, IT expertise and the MATS low-code solution to deliver exceptional results, fast. 

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