IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy - Build on value

Torque Management’s IT best practice services are dedicated to the research, measurement and delivery of IT performance improvement and best practice, enabling our clients to realise the full benefits of their ICT investments.

Torque Management's IT consultants work towards creating long-term client relationships and focus on building value, managing risk and improving our clients’ performance.

Torque Management IT Best Practice Services

  • Independent Verification and Validation for IT programmes

  • IT Strategy

  • IT Strategic Sourcing

  • IT Capability assessment

  • Governance

  • Best Practice

  • IT best practice frameworks e.g. ITIL, CMMi, CoBIT and their integration with wider QMS programmes

  • Rapid development of System requirements and specifications

  • Business Value Measurement and benchmarking

  • Process Improvement

  • Due Diligence

  • Skills Assessment

  • Project Management

Our delivery model provides:

  • Knowledge-based strategic consulting drawing on leading research (Gartner, Forrester, and Academia).

  • Practical, measurable action plans to drive IT performance improvement, with results that allow all stakeholders to easily buy into and support the plans.

  • Mentoring facilities for IT and business management that provide an unbiased, supportive forum for clients to air and discuss opportunities and challenges.

  • Independent, appropriate, measurement programmes; evaluation of IT performance against internal expectations and against comparable external peer group.

  • Quality Assurance services and quality improvement programmes to contain risks associated with major IT endeavours, such as outsourcing, new technology and strategic implementation projects.

  • IT Quality System development, with a specialisation in Life Sciences compliance requirements.

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