Quality Management Systems (QMS) Consultancy

QMS Consulting

For organisations wishing to implement a formal QMS.

Organisations embarking on a Quality Management System (QMS) programme tend to face a bewildering choice of quality and process management systems, frameworks, models, tools, methods, standards, guidelines, best practices, life cycles and appraisal methods. Hundreds of thousands of organisations have successfully implemented a Quality Management System, most frequently ISO 9001: 2008. In many cases, these QMS are little more than a rubber stamp accreditation and add little or no value to the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Torque Management can assist in answering the key questions:

  • Which accreditation should we seek?

  • What governance structure do we need?

  • How long will it take to achieve?

  • What benefit(s) will it bring (above and beyond meeting a regulatory or client requirement)?

Our approach is to develop management systems for you where the quality is built in, removing the necessity for separate management and quality systems. Our unique, integrated, implementation approach is to fuse business process management, performance management and quality management systems, ensuring a single source of up-to-date knowledge and data that meets the requirements of management, staff, external stakeholders and quality accreditation agencies. This approach is entirely consistent with the requirements for all recognised QMS accreditations. Working with senior management, we ensure the QMS delivers real, tangible benefits to your organisation.

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