ERP Project Consultant

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management software for the first time, or changing it because your organisation is expanding, is one of the largest projects a company can face and impacts not just cost, but every member of your business. 

ERP projects almost always involve overruns and unforeseen costs and in 2014, smaller ERP projects had more delays than larger projects. Suppliers of ERP systems offer consultancy and project planning but meeting with an independent consultant before you choose a system can help you select the right system, get clear on what your organisation is facing, prepare for it and avoid unnecessary costs and delays. By considering your business process goals, you can also get a lot more out of the project and the new system.

At Torque Management, we developed Rapid System™ to aid our clients in these ventures. Rapid System™ is a process-led methodology that greatly accelerates the delivery Large IT and ERP Projects. It allows our consultants to turn a 3-4 year project, into an 18 month project with higher rates of user adoption and costs reduced by 35-40%.

Our expert ERP consultants have a combination of quality, business process management, engineering, project management and information technology skills that are unusual and difficult to replicate, and assist organisations from concept to realisation and continuous improvement. In addition, consultants have a wide range of experience in their chosen area of expertise, ensuring that our clients receive the correct level of support when they need it.

Contact us to discuss your organisation's goals and needs in choosing, implementing, accelerating or improving an ERP Project either for a once-off advice session or to work with your organisation throughout a project.

Other roles that may be important to consider for your project:

ERP Programme Advisor: An ERP programme Advisor provides the Project Board/Executive Team with independent strategic advice throughout the life of the programme, covering topics such as Business Case, Requirements, Governance, Resource Management, Project Planning, Selecting the new system and Implementation strategy, Risk Management, Communication and Change management and Benefits Realisation.

ERP Programme Manager: An ERP Programme Manager assists in delivering the technology component of the business change roadmap of an ERP Project, working with pre-defined time, costs, and quality and risk management standards. They will work to optimise the project management resources and develop capability of an IT delivery team.