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Making Measures Count: A Proven Way to Improve Performance

By Dee Carri Thursday, 28th April 2016 | 0 comments
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In a previous blog, we identified that it is important to Measure what Matters, even if the instinct is to measure everything. You’ll know you have selected the correct measures if you have established that these are the things you are willing to put a stake on and are willing to improve. The next task is to make these Measures Count for your business. This will require an initial investment but, once in place, it is a proven way to improve performance.   

If You Could Only Measure 8 Aspects of Your Business

If you were allowed to measure only 8 aspects of your business... Recently someone who I was discussing metrics with posed a thought provoking question, “If you could only have a few metrics to manage and monitor your business, which ones would you choose?" After thinking long and hard, here are my must-have key performance indicators.