Integrating Quality & Compliance

Integrating Quality & Compliance Systems

We assist organisations with integrating Quality and Compliance systems to remove duplication, overlap and underlap across the different regulatory, quality and business process management strands, resulting in less waste and less risk. As a result of the convergence, the speed of reaction to changes in regulatory requirements is greatly improved and costs significantly reduced.

As well as the general requirements of a quality management system, regulated industries such as Life Sciences are subject to their own industry-specific regulations which may vary depending on the country of origin in which a product is manufactured or the destination country in which a product is marketed and sold.

The enterprise is obliged to comply with these regulations and any quality or performance framework adopted needs to accommodate the compliance agenda. Often, organisations in regulated industries also have disparate regulatory processes for fiscal, environmental, health & safety and manufacturing functions. Torque Management has proven, international experience in the management and integration of compliance frameworks.

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