TPSoP® A Solution for Quality Compliance & SOPs

A Solution for Quality Compliance & Standard Operating Procedures

In certain industries such as life sciences, aviation etc., regulations place a responsibility on the organisation to provide end-to-end evidence of how activities are performed and proof of qualification of personnel undertaking these activities. This requirement results in the creation of a hierarchy of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that attempt to describe in great detail how activities are performed.

In most of these organisations, this results in the creation of hundreds of SOPs. Large, extended enterprises may have thousands. Managing them is difficult and much of the language used in the SOPs is legalistic, archaic and ambiguous, making them difficult to access and interpret so external inspections regularly result in citations for non-conforming activities.

TPSoP® - Developing & Improving Process-Centric Procedures & SOPs

Some enlightened organisations are now taking advantage of advances in technology to improve SOP management, by developing and delivering online SOPs by using a Business Process Management Systems (BPMS).

This approach is providing considerable benefits and led us to develop TPSoP®. This solution can be deployed as part of a quality or compliance programme and/or as a means to develop consistent, repeatable instruction.

Your organisation will benefit from:

  • Faster SOP development time

  • Faster and more thorough change management leading to quicker introduction of new SOPS, and the retirement and archival of old SOPs

  • Higher levels of adoption and adherence

  • Role based user training on SOPs, using storyboards

  • Easy re-use of SOPs in new operations and facilities

Overriding these benefits is the real benefit of ‘getting it right first time and every time’.

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