Devolved HR

TPSoP®: A Solution for Devolved HR

Is responsibility for your Human Resources operational support functions devolved to line managers? Are you confident that HR decisions are consistent, fair and documented correctly in compliance with local legislation? Are Line Managers fully supported with the necessary guidance and support mechanisms to help them deal with operational employee HR processes e.g. grievance, performance management, promotions, etc.? Are your HR processes and procedures documented and integrated with legislation, on-line forms, workflow and HR systems? Are you trying to do more with tighter HR budgets?

Human Resources fulfils an incredibly important and complex role within your organisation. But not only is it becoming an increasingly challenging area due to new legislation being brought in and an increasingly multicultural workforce, it's also becoming more and more common to see devolved HR functions, leaving many important HR responsibilities falling to Line Managers.

The biggest HR challenges today:

  • Increasing responsibility on Local Managers
  • Increasing employment legislation
  • Management of flexible arrangements
  • On-boarding and off-boarding
  • Leave requests
  • Performance management
  • Multicultural workforces
  • Compliance with business controls
  • Consistency and fairness
  • Treating staff with dignity and respect

A HR department will struggle to support line managers due to:

  • Devolved HR
  • Reduced budgets
  • Increasing and complex legislation
  • A need to ensure consistency, fairness respect and dignity.

Torque Management's webinar will aid you in:

  • Greatly improving operational HR support to line managers.
  • Ensuring HR decisions are both consistent and fair.
  • Increasing the effectiveness and standardisation of processes such as on-boarding and recruitment.
  • Providing greater transparency and control of business controls in HR.
  • Providing integrated role-based procedures, forms and systems to those using HR processes: HR, Line Managers, Trainers, Employees etc.

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