Integrated Management System

TPSoP® Integrated Management System (IMS)

TPSoP® is more than an SOP/WI development tool… 

How many Quality and Compliance silos do you have? 

Most organisations are subject to more than one regulation e.g. many organisations will need to comply with ISO 9001:2008 for quality and ISO 14001:2007 for Environmental Health and Safety. Managing both standards independently causes unnecessary overlaps, gaps and duplication. An Integrated Management System provides a solution to these problems, providing a single source for all regulation across quality and compliance agendas: Financial, Environmental, Quality, HR, Product etc.   

Ultimately, with TPSoP®, it is possible to create an enterprise-wide Integrated Management System.

An Integrated Management System comprises a repository that contains and integrates regulations, policies, and standards, SOPs and Work Instructions, roles, performance metrics and training materials. An IMS also improves accountability and makes relationships traceable and auditable.

Waste associated with duplication can be removed in a range of 30% to 40%, change management is faster and integrity is established across the different agendas. Where multiple sites are involved, even higher savings can be achieved.     

Organisations with the vision and determination to improve can reduce costs, improve compliance posture, SOP effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage by implementing an Integrated Management System through TPSoP®.

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