Making SOPs the Solution Not the Problem

TPSoP®: Making SOPs the Solution Not the Problem

You would think, that as SOPs were created to be a solution that the concept Dee Carri will address in the webinar, that of 'making them the solution' wouldn't exist. But hidden within the thousands of documents, compliance and quality procedures, regulations, goals and targets, lie potentially hundreds of thousands of instances where there is room for improvement that can make an organisation more cost and time effective, improve culture, increase enterprise flexibility and give a company a great competitive advantage. Far too much time is already spent fire-fighting and fast-paced change in many companies leaves no room for error, yet there is no option but to deal with it. TPSoP®, the solution Dee will introduce in the webinar, is a rigorous and realistic solution that caters to this.

In our blog series 'How Much Do you Love Your SOPs?', we looked at some of the biggest problems with text-based SOPs:


If an organisation has three manufacturing plants, each with 1,000 SOPs, a realistic number for a mid-sized pharmaceutical plant, a study established a clear replication level of 40% for SOPs alone. That means each manufacturing unit would have developed its own SOPs at a cost of 51 man years resulting in a total cost of 153 man years and meaning replication costs this organisation a minimum of 61.2 man years relating to the once-off cost of SOP development.


Torque Management also discovered that errors and defects are embedded in many SOPs and Work Instructions during their development and thus institutionalised during training; creating high instances of now unavoidable non-compliance.

Information Availability

When it comes to finding information, the IDC says knowledge workers spend 15-35% of their time searching for information, that is up to 9 and a half hours per week per employee, a shockingly high figure when we consider how fast we can find information for most things today.

There's also room for improvement in time to effectiveness for new hires and training, compliance infrastructure and enterprise flexibility. The enterprise-wide, process-based approach of TPSoP® is one of the clearest, if not the clearest route to improvement and enterprise transformation.

Attendees will also be given a copy of Dee's recently published TPSoP® White Paper and an opportunity to schedule a benefits analysis workshop or on-site demo of TPSoP®.

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