TPSoP® Implementation

TPSoP® Implementation - What can you expect?

TPSoP® allows processes and procedures to be addressed as one single project or a number of smaller, discrete projects. In either instance, the full methodology and rigour is applied, ensuring a consistent outcome that is aligned to the business and management frameworks and standards.

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In utilising TPSoP® to convert or develop and implement your on-line process-centric procedures, we work with you through four phases, each specifically designed to deliver results efficiently:

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1. Discover

In the Discover phase, we identify the requirements for:

  • The management framework (applicable regulation, policies, sector framework(s),standards)

  • The scope of procedures required to be developing and/or converting

  • Template and presentation design

  • The project governance to ensure it succeeds.


2. Measure & Analyse

  • Our Process Architect(s) develop the Management Framework and translate them into Management Processes.

  • Our Expert Team of lean, six sigma and BPM specialists develop or convert your procedures into on-line processes and procedures, linking them to all artefacts required for their execution, efficiently and effectively.

  • The Management Framework and the processes are integrated, creating an Integrated Management System as represented below.

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3. Improve & Control

  • Improved online processes and procedures are published to personalised “landing pages” using automated workflow, access control and audit trails.
  • Role based storyboards are developed, ensuring that Users are correctly trained, and they can access processes easily for on-demand consumption.
  • Control is about proving the benefits.    


4. Report & Improve

The Report & Improve phase is about maintaining the gains, managing and improving.

  • Day-to-day management, reporting, process scorecards,  ad-hoc and solicited user feedback, formal and informal reviews provide incomparable  input to keeping the  processes “live”, relevant and accurate, contributing to the governance, risk and compliance agenda, fast-tracking changes  e.g. regulatory and continual improvement.