BPM Solutions

Process-Centric Solutions to Improve your Business

In addition to our business process management consultancy services, we offer three process-centric products to improve your business, TPSoP® and Rapid System™.


TPSoP® helps companies better understand and work in-line with compliance, quality standards and SOPs. It also enables development of training that is easy to deploy, repeat and change, even when the audience is geographically dispersed and/or multi-lingual.

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Rapid System™

Rapid System™ is a licensed methodology that transforms and accelerates the delivery of IT and ERP projects. Using Rapid System™, we can turn a 3-4 year project, into an 18 month project with higher rates of user adoption and costs reduced by 35-40%.

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A Business Process Management System (or Suite) is a software application that supports the business process management of your entire organisation. It allows a businesses to capture, manage and deploy operational processes and supporting information to the entire workforce. 

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