BPM For Financial Services

BPM Services for the Finance Sector

Challenges Facing Financial Services Organisations Today

There are ever-growing demands and regulations placed on financial services organisations, with increasing expectations for transparency and clarity at all levels. Your company has the best of intentions to not only meet these criteria, but to go above and beyond them, all the while, aiming to increase growth and profits and improving company culture.

Unfortunately, strategy implementation regularly fails due to increasing complexity in regulation, a lack of knowledge and expertise in ensuring company-wide engagement in plans and unclear approaches to project implementation.

The resulting scene is full of missed deadlines, further costs, waning enthusiasm, and potentially, a lack of adherence to regulatory standards, leaving your company and your customers at risk.

A Business Process Management Solution

Torque Management provide business process management consultancy services tailored to fit with the needs of financial services; including building in the capacity for you to continue to ‘keep up’ with regulations that haven’t even arrived yet.

Our work and our methodologies are proven to increase engagement, improve compliance, remove waste and duplication and lower costs. And we do it faster and better than our competitors. View the case study.

BPM Consultancy For Financial Services – The Benefits

  • Strategies put in place with up to date knowledge of the regulatory environment and legislative framework of your industry.
  • Compliance and regulation built in to business focussed processes, simplifying and speeding up workflow while improving understanding and increasing conformance.
  • Governance that supports cross-entity impact analysis and resolution.
  • Simultaneous business process optimisation and improvement.
  • Processes executed consistently between teams and business units.
  • Improved, repeatable training, knowledge sharing and efficient change management.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities and improved communication.


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