About Torque Management

Established in 2002, Torque Management provides a specialist global consultancy in Business Process Management (BPM) and optimisation and IT in all business sectors. We are experts in multiple disciplines including Lean, Six Sigma and ISO and we are the creators of two successful, process-led methodologies; Rapid System™ and TPSoP®.

Rapid System™ accelerates and improves delivery of IT and ERP projects and TPSoP® was created to develop and improve online procedures and as a means to optimise and deliver instructions in a consistent, repeatable manner.

Torque Management’s mission is to improve and implement BPM best practice, innovation and performance through education, support, research and benchmarking. We work with blue-chip, global, public and private organisations and industries in all sectors including life sciences and finance where we have specialist expertise.

To engineer successful change and transform within an organisation, our senior analysts and consultants provide a comprehensive, specialist range of services in all areas of performance, including BPM, Performance Management and Quality Management Systems (QMS).

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Torque Management is an Irish Registered Company, Registration Number 352360.

Torque BPM is a UK Registered Company, Registration number 09893383