BPM Case Studies

Torque Management Business Process Management Case Studies 

TPSoP® - Developing Process Centric Procedures & SOPs

Utilising TPSoP® to develop process centric procedures / standard operating procedures for a leading biotechnology company. The independent comparative and general tests performed by the organisation's personnel confirm the rewards from process-based procedures with test results indicating that improvements are available in a range of up to 87%. Furthermore, this result is considered conservative. Download the report >


Rapid System™- Accelerated IT & ERP Project Delivery

The adoption of a process-based approach to the ERP system life-cycle provided a significant reduction in the time required to deliver value to the business and therefore the cost. The 17 month timeline compares favorably with similar implementations that typically deliver in a 3-4 years.
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National Regulator - Process & Quality

Torque Management not only consulted and developed a comprehensive BPM programme for its client, a national regulatory body but, in addition, trained and empowered management and staff ‘to do it themselves’, resulting in an organisation that is leaner, more cost-effective and efficient.
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Recruitment - Validating the CIO's Role

A leading Irish multinational company, considering the creation of a new chief information officer position, had two concerns; would a CIO add real value to the business and how would such a new role fit into the current organisational structures.
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Rapid Project Assessment and Rescue

A public sector body, had invested in the development of a ‘shared service strategy’; meaning the whole organisation of c. 2,500 would move from being a ‘legacy environment and function-based organisation’ to a new ERP software system and process-based organisation. Four months prior to going live, management became concerned about the readiness of the IT team to support the remodelled organisation. It engaged Torque Management to assess the IT readiness, capability, and make recommendations that would safeguard the published “go live” date.
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IT Strategy - Customer Satisfaction Increases by 62%

Recognising an opportunity to greatly improve the contribution of IT to its business, a blue-chip, international organisation appointed Torque Management to develop a new IT strategy. Significant results were achieved including an increase of 62% in customer satisfaction.
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Working Towards a Process Centric Organisation - Elisa Eesti

Torque Management’s training programme created a basis for a single BPM language and for implementing a common process improvement methodology. It also enabled the organisation to identify obstacles and opportunities for process improvement in the future, with a roadmap for continuous process improvement.
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