Developing and improving process-centric SOPs and work instructions

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Rapid System™

Accelerating and improving delivery of IT & ERP projects

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World class business process management consultancy and training

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Daniel T. Jones Interview

Where does Lean stand in 2014?

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Integrated training for a multi-lingual, globally dispersed audience

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Integrated compliance, quality and performance

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Torque Management


TPSOP® is a solution for integrated compliance, quality and performance that replaces text-based standard operating procedures (SOPs) with on-line process centric SOPs/WIs; lowering risk and cost and improving compliance effectiveness and training. It caters for acknowledgement of receipt of instruction and is effective even where the audience is geographically dispersed or multi-lingual.

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Rapid System™

Torque Rapid System™ is a process-led methodology that greatly accelerates the delivery of IT systems projects. Large IT and ERP Projects are expensive, risky, take a considerable amount of time and many even fail to deliver, under-deliver or overrun. Our proven Rapid System™ methodology allows us to turn a 3-4 year project, into an 18 month project with higher rates of user adoption and costs reduced by 35-40%.

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Forms Online

Whether you want to develop new forms, convert manual forms or integrate forms with existing applications, Forms Online can support your needs and Torque Management will provide the necessary guidance and assistance to ensure your project is successful. Forms Online ensures compliance posture is strengthened, efficiency is increased and management Information is improved. Forms Online integrates perfectly with TPSoP®.

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Consultancy & Training

We are experts in multiple BPM disciplines including Lean, Six Sigma and ISO. Our consultancy services cover Business Process Management (BPM), IT and Quality Management Systems. Our IT best practice services are dedicated to the research, measurement and delivery of IT performance improvement and best practice, underpinned by our process-led, collaborative approach.

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News & Insights

A Tale of Two Online Retailers: Through the Eyes of the Customer

Janne Ohtonen’s depressing but diligently documented online credit card application experience. “Anthony was kind enough to tell me how he had no problems certifying his documents somewhere in Scotland in another bank. I suggested that it's a bit too far to go to Scotland for me to get that done.”

What is a BPMS?

What is a BPMS? You may or may not already know that BPM stands for 'Business Process Management' and refers to a systematic, holistic approach to management that aligns an organisation's business processes, or functions, with the needs of the client or customer.

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Daniel T. Jones Interview

Daniel T. Jones talks to Torque Management about Lean in 2014.

"All of the major electronic companies that you can think of from Google to Amazon, to Ebay to Apple have all at one time or another been using Lean, either in organising product development and engineering in Apple, in streamlining distribution systems in Amazon for instance, or in managing products at places like Ebay."

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