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Webinar: Making SOPs the Solution Not the Problem, November 11th, 2pm

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The TPSoP® White Paper

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Rapid System™ for IT & ERP Projects

Rapid System™ is a process-led methodology that accelerates the delivery of IT and ERP projects. If you need to change your IT or ERP system, ideally you'd like it to happen fast and at as a low a cost as possible; without sacrificing quality, efficiency, ease of implementation or adoption rates. Rapid System™ enables exactly that.

Using Rapid System™, we turn a 3-4 year project into an 18 month project with higher rates of user adoption and costs reduced by 35-40%.

Proven Benefits:

  • Faster at every point

  • Less risk

  • Easier

  • More efficient

  • Cheaper

  • No waste

  • Higher user adoption

  • Integration of International Quality Standards and compliance

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TPSoP® - Developing & Improving Process-Centric Procedures & SOPs

Understanding and working in-line with compliance, quality standards and SOPs should be simple, relatable and result in increased compliance and increased quality, together with creating training that is easy to deploy, repeat and change.

TPSoP® works perfectly as part of a wider quality or compliance programme or as a means to deliver instructions in a consistent, repeatable manner.

What is the TPSoP® Methodology?

  • An innovative solution for the development of process-centric procedures
  • Creates a comprehensive, visual and user-friendly environment
  • Rigorous, collaborative process for on-line procedures and SOPs
  • Is proven, efficient and effective
  • Is underpinned by our expertise in widely accepted best practices such as Six Sigma, Lean and BPM Capable of compliance with regulation and security requirements in regulated industries

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Business Process Management Consultancy

We provide specialist consultancy and training for Business Process Management, optimisation and IT. We are experts in multiple disciplines including Lean, Six Sigma and ISO and work with blue-chip, global, public and private sector organisations and industries including life sciences and finance, where we have specialist expertise.
Rather than merely advising, we assist your organisation in implementing and improving business processes and unlike many other advisers, we empower your organisation through training and skills transfer. Our senior analysts and consultants provide a comprehensive range of services including BPM, Performance Management and Quality Management Systems (QMS).
Our process improvement services include:
  • Operational Excellence Programmes: Build Process Capability
  • Process Improvement Projects: Accelerate Time to Value
  • IT Programmes: Accelerate and remove waste
  • IT Consultancy
  • QMS Consultancy
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