Do you know where, and how much value digitization can add to your business?

By torquemanagement, Wednesday, 23rd August 2023 | 0 comments

Analysts suggest the benefits range from 30% with partial digitisation, to 100% with full digitisation. And the benefits are compelling:  higher productivity, lower costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

But - and it is a big but, you have heard this (possibly many times) before. So, before jumping in, you might like to understand:

  • Where does digitisation apply specifically in my business?
  • What value/scale is available?  
  • What technologies do we need?
  • What investment is required? 
  • What is the timeline to value?

As independent business process consultants, our clients trust us to answer these, and related questions, and we do this with a Business Value Assessment (BVA).

A BVA is a short engagement that focusses on your business objectives and assesses processes and systems, delivering actionable recommendations for process improvement and digitisation.

Watch this short animation to see how we worked with a busy order handling team to arrive at a quantified recommendation for process improvement and digitization.

Like what you see? Book a call to chat about how a BVA might help you understand the benefits of digitisation to your business.

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