How to Add Value to Your ERP System During Implementation

By Torque Management, Friday, 31st July 2015 | 0 comments
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Adding value to something automatically makes me think time, money and/or an improved product or service. If I have more time and more money and a better end result, job done! But that's just the answer, and if you've even completed high school mathematics, you'll know that focussing on the answer is rarely the way to find it. So let's take a few steps back, into the process.

ERP projects are costly, carry many risks, take a significant amount of time and frequently result in low levels of user adoption. Up until now, these challenges were something businesses have had to just 'put up with' or fork out for huge budgets to work with companies that guarantee success within a certain amount of time. What we're wary of with these large budget strategies, is that while they guarantee a timeline, they may still be factoring in a lot of room for mistakes, waste and not working as effieienctly as they could be. There's comfort room for them in the guarantee, and that's what you're paying more for.

Working to introduce or increase process-maturity in numerous industries over the past twelve years, Torque Management learned what works, rather than increasing leeway for delays or added costs.

The most valuable, and probably the most costly part of your organisation is likely your people. They're the users of the tools and they're much more creative and inclined to problem solving and providing valuable feedback than the ERP system itself. That's why every time we've worked on an IT strategy or ERP system delivery project, it begins with consultation, collaboration and a lot of communication with the people involved. It's vital to develop a business case and governance for the project that fits the company and this takes time and consideration and can't be sold out of the box or simply.

Torque Management also developed a unique, adaptable solution to ensure ERP and IT system project delivery became more cost effective and more efficient. Rapid System™ turns a 3-4 year project, into an 18 month project with costs reduced by 35-40%. A welcome bonus in Rapid System™ is that user adoption rates are higher too.

A European division of a leading, global Building Materials firm, engaged Torque Management to lead the accelerated development and harmonisation of key operational processes and the implementation of a centralised ERP programme as part of an Enterprise Transformation programme. The concept of a centralised system was a “first” for the organisation in question, which up to this point had a federated approach to the management of its business and approximately 25 ERP systems in place across the division.

The intention was to develop common processes which would then be used to define the requirements of a new ERP system. Using Rapid System™ and an approach that focused on processes, people and skills rather than merely focussing on technology, Torque Management delivered what would normally be a 3-4 year project, in just 17 months.

Because it was process-centric there were other benefits too:

  • Decreased risk
  • Easier for stakeholders to be involved and shift to the new system
  • More cost effective
  • No waste or duplication
  • Integrate international quality standards and compliance

You can read the full case study here or view the infographic for a simple breakdown.

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