A Business-Process Methodology for IT and ERP Projects

By Torque Management, Thursday, 6th February 2014 | 0 comments
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Is there a faster way to carry out IT and ERP projects?

Introducing a new IT or ERP system is a huge undertaking for organisations but a decision which, once in place, will offer numerous rewards. The problems most organisations face is not with the systems or software themselves, but with the implementation of them.

These projects are costly, carry many risks, take a significant amount of time and frequently result in low levels of user adoption. Up until now, these challenges were something businesses have had to just 'put up with'. Working to introduce or increase process-maturity in numerous industries over the past twelve years, we saw a better way to carry out these types of projects, so we created it. And then we proved it works. Download a case study here.

We've used years of business process experience and IT expertise to make introducing a new system not only faster, but better. Torque Management's Rapid System™ methodology allows us to turn a 3-4 year project, into an 18 month project with higher rates of user adoption and costs reduced by 35-40%. Scroll through the infographic below to see how and where we save time and increase benefits.

Find out more about Rapid System™ here or contact us.

1 torque rapid system infographic V2

Find out more about Rapid System™ here or contact us.

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